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    We are approaching the winter months and perhaps your skin is already affected by the wind and rain of the autumn. The skin is easily affected by weather change and relative to the rest of the body the facial skin is very exposed. People often feel that the skin dries, blushes and feels tight. Thus …

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  • A guide to the perfect shave

    Most men know of it! After you have spent a long time shaving – red bumps appear. Barber David Posin from Aarhus gives you here his best advice and the ultimate guide to a smooth and problem-free shave.  We all know of it: the red bumps and the skin irritation you get after shaving. They …

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  • How to avoid dry skin

    Autumn is coming and that means that you need to take extra care of your skin. When the weather gets colder the humidity decreases both inside and outside, which can result in dry skin if you are not careful. If you want tips on how to avoid a dry winter skin then read on here: …

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  • A guide to SIGR products

    We have created a comprehensive guide to our 5 products, which ensures you correct usage as well as a healthy and clean skin. Our philosophy is that skin care for men should be easy and effective, as most men have a busy everydaylife. In addition, we have focused on the use of active natural ingredients …

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