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SIGR does not compromise on quality. Which is why the production takes place in Denmark in close collaboration with some of the leading experts in the Nordic countries. All of our products are tested thoroughly. SIGR’s products are created from scratch after several years of development and testing. We have chosen to swim against the tide so that we do not promise more than we can deliver, and we believe in a more natural approach to skin care.


Nature’s own ingredients are the biggest source of inspiration for SIGR. Our research and testing show that we can create the most effective products using natural oils and extracts – rather than chemistry. That is why all of our products are based on the effective ingredients that nature offers, and that man has made use of through thousands of years.


In SIGR we focus on creating the absolute best skin care, and we do not compromise! We create all of our products from scratch by taking the best ingredients from nature and merging them with science. This ensures that we get a powerful, and uncompromising product adapted to the skin problems men usually suffer.


When we grow old we get more wrinkles as the elasticity of the skin deteriorates. At SIGR, we believe that the aging process brings character and appeal to men’s look – and, therefore, should not be hidden or suppressed. We make no promises of fewer wrinkles but believe that the best way to reduce the process is by keeping your skin fresh and well-nourished. Adding vital vitamins to the skin, keeping it moisturized, and making skin care a part of your daily routine can actively help the skin maintain its elasticity.